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Cape May Fall Things to Do – Top 10 Fall Activities During Your Visit to Cape May NJ

The end of summer is here and the crisp Fall weather is starting in Cape May, before the temperature drops, try to fit in these fun activities.

  • Cape May Fall things to do – Visit the Cape May or Hawk Haven Winery, spend the afternoon on a wine tasting tour and enjoy a bold local Cabernet or Merlot while sitting on the crush pad or the deck overlooking the vineyards.
  • Take a brisk Fall Whale and Dolphin Whale Watching trip, the boats run every weekend with a picturesque view of the shoreline while enjoying the fresh salt air, with dolphins abound.
  • Check out the Cape May and West Cape May Farmers Market, you can plan a meal with farm fresh NJ produce for the weekend, visit the Plum Creek Farms and plan a farm to table fresh meal.
  • Plan a fresh seafood dinner at home, it’s not too late to fire up the grill with some steaks and fresh catch from the Lobster House in Cape May.
  • Go shopping and get the Cape May Fall discounts, why not Shop and Stroll, check out the Washington Street Mall a three-block pedestrian concourse between Perry and Ocean Streets, don’t forget to visit West Cape May and check out the West End Garage.
  • Spend the day outdoors and enjoy a Cape May late Indian Summer, enjoy the local catch. The Lobster house which is home to a commercial fishing fleet also has a dockside raw bar and the outdoor Schooner American restaurant to sit and order fresh fish and have a cold beer.
  • Salute the Flag at Sunset Point, the Sunset Point Gift shop holds a Flag Ceremony every day at dusk, listen to the old scratched recording over the loudspeakers at dusk, and you can hunt for Cape May Diamonds at Sunset Beach in front of the Concrete Ship.
  • Visit the Cape May Brewery and check out a local Microbrew. Cape May Brewing Company is a microbrewery in Cape May County serving South Jersey. The local beers are made in small batches and handcrafted with the finest ingredients.
  • Hit the Happy Hour, you can check out the elegant Brown Room located inside the Congress Hall or visit the new Sea Salt Restaurant.
  • Visit the Naval Air Station Aviation museum in Rio Grande just 10 minutes from Cape May. The NAS museum is a great venue for younger kids or military historians; they have an abundance of vintage planes and interactive displays.
  • Take a historic tour of the Cape May Light, Concrete Tower of the Physick House. This is a great fall outdoor activity in Cape May and you can find discount tickets from the Cape May Mac here.

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