The elegant, dynamic Art Deco style of Beach Town Posters has stood the test of time. Created by internationally known artist Aurelio Grisanty, this ongoing series of retro art posters celebrates landmark American beach towns coast to coast.Artist Aurelio Grisanty, (Rail) looking to decorate his new apartment in Rehoboth a few years ago, went searching for unique images of the coastal town. Specifically, he envisioned vintage travel posters with beach scenes evoking whimsical nostalgia. He couldn’t find anything like these images, so he decided to create them himself.

Grisanty started by photographing the places that charmed his imagination. The first one was the beach of Rehoboth with a kite (the artist’s new pastime) flying over it. The second was Silver Lake and its constant show of light and color.

The results ended up better than even Grisanty had expected, and after printing proofs for himself, he decided to produce them for sale. A few weeks later the first two editions of posters were successfully sold in most local galleries. Their popularity encouraged Grisanty to follow with other unique images of Bethany Beach, Lewes, Dewey Beach, and Cape May.

A year later, Blue Room Gallery owner Clare Conley – judging from positive customer feedback and high sales – persuaded the artist to expand his series.

The new business partners embarked on trips to North Carolina’s Outer Banks and Kitty Hawk, Cape Hatteras, and The Pier – which cultivated more posters, more visibility, and more success. Today, with 68 posters and more in the making, Grisanty and Conley enthusiastically continue to bring Beach Town Posters to the East Coast.

Florida and New England beaches will soon be on the map for Beach Town Posters as well.

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