Back to School Cape May Whale Watching

Whale Excursions in Cape May, NJ Now Discounted!

The Back to School Season in Cape May is in full swing with retail promotions and deals for you to stock up and save on school supplies for the upcoming school season.

Save 10% on Cape May Whale Watching for the Big 1PM TripsSeptember traditionally marks the end of the Summer Season in Cape May with the last official weekend of Labor Day closing out the summer holidays. As many locals and tourist head home to start with the preparation of the fall season, September provides the best time in Cape May to enjoy uncrowded beaches, no lines and some excellent opportunities to enjoy some up close whale and dolphin watching off the beaches of Cape May NJ.

The Cape May Whale Watcher located at the Miss Chris Marina is going strong with whale and dolphin promotions three trips per day. Come to Cape May in September to enjoy a beautiful fall crisp day on the water aboard the Spirit of Cape May with your family.

Enjoy Dolphin and Whale Excursions Aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher in NJDuring the late Summer season and early Fall are some of the most ideal times to enjoy whale and dolphin watching as the water is still warm and the fall migrations have not started. Within Cape May and the Wildwood’s warm waters during the late fall season is one of the best times to enjoy marine mammal cruises.  You will most definetly enjoy dolphins on the surface, your guide will also point out many of the fall birds as they begin to migrate for fall.

Back to School Saving for TIcket Purchases aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher

Whale Watching - Discounts Available from Cape May ResortIt’s not only time to save on school supplies during the fall, come to Cape May and Save 10% on all of your Cape May Whale and Dolphin Watching Trips by ordering your tickets on the Cape May Ticketing site SimpleTix. The promotion code for the Back to School Whale Watching Pricing is CAPEMAYRESORT, simply enter this code into your order during check out and your ticket pricing will be reduced by 10% as you complete your order.

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