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Come to Cape May and enjoy a Water Sport Excursion including Parasailing, Jet Boats or Jet Ski Rentals.

Cape May Resort.com Your Cape May Travel Resource for Local Cape May Events, Tours,Water Sports, including East Coast ParasailingJet Boat Adventures and Jet Ski Rentals and Excursions.

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Cape May Resort offers the best packages in local watersport Events,  Planning a Visit to Cape May, we’ve put together the most popular local events in Cape May to enjoy during your Vacation.


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We have the event package that your family wants, to get the most enjoyment of your vacation time. If you are looking for that special event or outdoor excursions in Cape May, check out our event offerings today. Call today to book your trip at 609-898-UFLY (8359) or book on line 48 Hours in Advance and save 10% !

Whether you are visiting Cape May for the first time or have lived here all your life, there are plenty of exciting or relaxing things to do in Cape May. Cape May Resort.com prides itself on having the best Water sports and Outdoor attractions. Working with the expertise of the local Captains, we have put together the  most action oriented Water Sports excursions in Cape May. Expect to get wet, get lifted up to 500 feet in the air, experience 180 degree turns or High Speed Jet Ski Rentals. This is the only way to create your own personal unforgettable vacation memories in Cape May.

Action Packed Excursions -  A Journey or a Trip strictly for Leisure...You're Gonna have a Great Day on the Water in Cape May.

Enjoy High Speed Adventure on the Water as if you are on a High Speed Theme Ride on the open water in Cape May NJ.

Cape May Resort also offers on line discounted tickets for East Coast Parasail Companyincluding local Cape May Parasailing, Jet Ski Rentals and the new Exhilarating Cape May Jet Boat Rides on the new boat ” Get Some” with speeds up to 35 MPH.

WIth the East Coast Parasail Company in Cape May you can fly at 500 feet with a exciting Parasail RIde, rent your own powerful three passenger Jet Ski, or have the thrill of your life with a ride aboard the new East Coast Parasail Company newest Jet Boat ” Get Some”. You can experience the thrill, speed and power of a NASCAR race on the open water with the fast and powerful Jet Boat This one in a  lifetime adventure will provide an exhilarating open boat ride, while enjoying 180 degree turns  high speed water turns, as if you are on a theme park ride on the open water.

Please make your reservations for your tickets 48 hours in advance and plan your vacation fun. You can purchase tickets on line and save 10% with Cape May Resort Simple Tix.

East Coast Parasail Company Also Offers Jet Ski Rental and Jet Boat Adventures in Cape May New Jersey. Please click on the icons below to check schedules or book your tickets in advance 48 Hours and Save 10% , for questions please contact:

Please Note: This on-line booking system will only allow you to book 24 Hours in advance.  If you are trying to book after the 24 hour period please contact: East Coast Parasail 1121 Route 109, Cape May (Utsch’s Marina) Reservations: 609-898-UFLY (8359)

East Coast Parasail
1121 Route 109, Cape May (Utsch’s Marina)
Reservations: 609-898-UFLY (8359)