Blogging aboard my boat in Cape May – A Heartfelt Merry Christmas Wish to You and Your Families from Cape May

A Heartfelt Merry Christmas Wish to You and Your Families from Cape May
Blogging from my Boat in Cape May

Christmas always brings back fond memories of my childhood with my family and brothers, and this year we are celebrating with a new puppy family member. We also said farewell to an older family member at the final twilight of this life this year. As the cycle of life continues from old to new, the cycle of the season continues from Fall to Winter.
As a child during Christmas my father would load all of the boys into the station wagon and we would head to Grandma’s house out to the end of Long Island. In those days we did not wear seat belts or have car seats, we lay on our backs in the station wagon and listened to the rumble strips of the road and followed the stars in the blackness through the car windows, until we arrived at the safety of Grandma’s house.
I can remember the freshly cut Christmas tree decorated with the over sized pastel Christmas bulbs draped with silver tinsel from each branch. We stayed up as long as we could in during the evening in anticipation of rushing into the living in the morning to hunt for presents. We slept on the hard floor with a blanket and a single pillow, and we told stories to each other.
Throughout the evening I could hear the laughter of my Father and Mother, dishes being arranged, music playing, tables set and smell of the Christmas dinner being prepared. In the morning we discovered our presents lying under the Christmas tree, wrapped in the “old school” Christmas paper and spent the day playing, comfortable, safe and content.
This Christmas, enjoy a simple tradition with your family, hang a special ornament, sing a song, visit a family member or walk the beach in Cape May and catch the spirit of a lost loved one on Christmas Morning.
Merry Christmas from Cape May NJ