Cape May Day Spa

Come to Cape May for the weekend and Enjoy a Day at the Cape May Day Spa.

Cape May Day Spas, Facials and Therapeutic Massage

Spending a day or week end in Cape May to relax. Schedule a Facial to relax or enjoy a therapeutic massage in your Cape May Hotel Room or Bed and Breakfast. Rejuvenate and pamper yourself during your next visit to Cape May with a relaxing visit to a local Cape May Spa.

Pamper your body after spending a day at the beach in Cape May: Spas provide a unique experience, a place where one can pamper their bodies. A good massage stimulates circulation; it helps sooth sore muscles- joints and relaxes them.

Stress busters: Modern life is full of stress; spas provide an ideal place for an individual to take time out and unwind stress.

Spas for overall wellcbeing: Spas improve well- being in many ways, by engaging you in a suitable treatment that is thought and chosen for your own body. Having the right place to go and focus on your own wellbeing and peacefulness can create a positive effect. Spas help us to aid from our mind’s healing properties, our mind has a unique ability to heal and spas help create a positive effect by bringing peace of mind and tranquility.

Peace and quiet: Spas help boost morale and leave you feeling rejuvenate. The peaceful and holistic environment creates harmony this helps you relax.
Aesthetic enhancement: Cape May Spas offer different kinds of facials and skin treatments, these treatments, help nourish your skin and make the skin glow. Some treatments also help to keep the signs of aging away.

 Cape May Day Spa

Make a date with the Cape May Day Spa and treat your body to an uplifting, luxurious spa experience.

Located in Victorian Cape May, New Jersey , the Cape May Day Spa is a full-service Cape May spa offering state-of-the-art spa services in a relaxing, tranquil, richly-appointed ambiance of total comfort.

Let the certified professional staff make your trip to the seashore something really special. The Cape May Day Spa is a Holistic Center, designed for the Perfect Escape.
Mon – Friday- 10 TO 6
Saturday – 9 TO 7
Sunday – 9 TO 5
Cape May Day Spa – 609.898.1003
607 Jefferson Street – Cape May, NJ 08204

Are you looking for that perfect mid-week getaway? Why not make an appointment for a girls or guys night out at the Cape May Day Spa? Thursday’s are the perfect night to recharge and reinvigorate. Give us a call at 609.898.1003 to set up an appointment!

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