Cape May Ferry Passengers Spot A Humback Whale

Ferry-Passengers-Spot-Humpback-Whale-Cape-MayThis week, ferry passengers got a chance to spot a humpback during a trip from Lewes, Del. to Cape May. The whale came at the surface many times and crew member Kyra Jarmon did not miss the opportunity to do some camera work to film the whale. The sightings of the whale were announced by Dave Macomber on the public address system. He reduced the speed of the ferry in a bid to enable passengers to see the mammal. A release has reported that ferry passengers have witnessed several wildlife animals over the past few weeks. For instance, the three new osprey chicks that were recently hatched in nests near the Delaware Bay. A bald eagle is another among the wildlife animals that provided amazing experiences to ferry passengers. The eagle could be seen hovering over the bay. According to Capitan Dave Macomber, dolphins are often seen there and it has happened about a dozen times over the years when ferry passengers have spotted a massive whale. Macomber has been working on the ferry since 1990. When Macomber joined his shift on Tuesday morning, he was told by another ferry captain that a humpback whale was spotted near the ferry terminal in New Jersey. While Macomber was on last trip out of Lewes, he was informed by a whale-watching boat that one massive whale was spotted. “All of my passengers went out on the outer deck. I slowed the boat down and the whale surfaced. I started hearing people hooting and hollering”, he added. Macomber took a big round around the whale so that passengers could have a good look and also for the whale to have a plenty of room. Read more: