Cape May Independence Day Parade 2013

Spend a Day in Cape May and Enjoy the Parade

Cape May Independence Day Parade kicked off this Saturday on July 6th at 1:00PM. We were blessed with beautiful weather, almost 90 degrees with no showers for this fantastic event. Check out our pictures of the day from this parade this weekend in Cape May NJ.

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While enjoying our stay for the Independence day weekend we stayed at the 931 Beach Guest  House in Cape May. This is a great high end Beach Guest House in Cape May within walking distance to town for shopping, and across the street from the beach.

Cape May Independence Day Pictures of the Day.

Cape May Parade Grand Marshall
Boy Scout Tropp 73 Cape May Parade
Cape May Parade Avalon String Band
Cape May Parade Avalon String Band Marching
Cape May Parada Avalon Sting Band 931 Beach Guest House
Cape May Parade US Coast Guard
Cape May Parade 931 Beach House  Visitors
Cape May Parade Midlantic Center for the Arts
Cape May Parade Colonial Musketeers
Cape May Parade Images