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If You Love Peanut Butter, and come to Cape May you can’t miss this gourmet local store for Peanut Butter Lovers.

Cape May Peanut Butter CoCome to Cape May for fresh Peanut Butter. if you are looking for a great shopping experience and local fresh peanut butter treats come to the store for fresh ground peanut butter. They also provide a Cape May Peanut Butter sampling bar for your taste buds. This is the ultimate peanut butter experience for all of the peanut butters lovers coming to Cape May.

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Shore News Today Press Release posted: Saturday, May 17, 2014 12:00 am

Cape May Peanut Butter CoCAPE MAY – Carl and Susan Spatocco opened the Cape May Olive Oil Company about two-and-a-half years ago and learned there was a year-round market for quality oils and other items in Cape May.

They are now trying to do the same think with an American standard – peanut butter.

The Spatocco family, which includes daughter Nikki, is selling locally made peanut butter and other products at the Cape May Peanut Butter Company.

Both businesses are located on Carpenters Lane in Cape May.

The Spatoccos, of Morton, Delaware County, Pa., both have full-time jobs, which means Nikki (who is also a certified paramedic) is managing the businesses most of the time.

Carl Spatacco said both businesses will be open at least on weekends all year.

“There are only six to eight weeks that are tough. That is the beauty of Cape May. People are visiting here all year round,” he said.

pb Cape May Peanut Butter StoreHe said business is limited during the week right now, but he anticipates being open seven days a week by the end of the month. He said summer hours would be 9 a.m.-10 p.m. He said they are already making waffles in the morning, but in the night they plan to have waffles and ice cream. They are working out a deal with Bliss All Natural Ice Cream, also on Carpenters Lane, to provide the ice cream.

Spatocco said they did a lot of research before starting either of their businesses. Two years ago, he traveled to Napa and Sanoma, Calif., where they visited facilities having olive oil tastings.

“I thought it would be great for Cape May, so I researched it, meeting with growers and farmers,” he said.

Spatocco said all the products he has in his stores are from small suppliers.

“The only commercially produced olive oil we have is the Rothchild line,” he said.

Spatocco said the store also carries an extensive line of kosher items.

He said they go to at least two shows per year, one in New York and another in San Francisco, where they meet with the producers of their products. In the Peanut Butter Co., they carry Lindsey Farms jams and preserves, which they learned about at these shows. He said it is a small operation. When he calls the owner the man is likely to be on a tractor when he picks up the phone.

Because they are small operations, and products are made to order, Spatocco said there is a lot of lead time necessary on orders.

“We will sometimes run out of items, but these are things you can’t find anywhere else,” he said.

Spatocco likes having unusual brands or items in his stores.

“A guy came to me and said he sells the same product to Whole Foods. I said I didn’t want it. I want small producers, fresh, not large scale, and things that are unique,” he said. “I want things to have a ‘Wow’ factor.”

He likes the idea of having not only hard to find, but local producers. The coffee he sells, while it can’t be grown locally, is roasted by a company called Crescent Moon, located in Mullica Hill.

By going for the hard to find and not sacrificing on quality, Spatocco said, items might be a little more costly.

“We definitely try to be conscious of price, yet we go for the best in quality,” he said.

By now his stores carry hundreds of products. Olive oil and balsamic vinegars are his leading sellers in the first store. He recently added 11 more oils and 11 more balsamics, so there are about 40 of each. He said he carries a number of varieties with no flavor added, as well as flavor infused oils.

He said they have thin balsamics and “grape must” balsamics, which are boiled down to a concentrate.

“We just brought in some very high end barrel-aged balsamics,” he said. “They are not for everyone. They come in crystal containers.”

He just ordered a shipment of first-pressed olive oil from Italy. Spatocco said Italian oil is good quality but hard to find because they don’t produce enough for themselves. He said Chile and Morocco also produce good olive oil.

“Anywhere they grow grapes they can grow olives, and where you find wine (produced) you find olive oil,” he said.

He buys his peanuts from the Carolinas, Georgia, and primarily from Virginia.

“It depends on where the best stock is coming from,” he said.

The Cape May Peanut Co. grinds all its own peanut and other nut butter. He said in about one or two days after a shipment comes in all the peanuts are ground. Peanut butter will last six months after being ground. He said the tree nuts will last up to 12 months.

“Of course, I challenge you to find a jar of nut butter lasting 12 months,” he said.

He said their organic and almond butters have nothing added. The others are roasted with sea salt. Spatocco said he personally likes a little salt in the peanut butters. He also has a sunflower seed butter that uses a little salt.

With the ground peanut butter they can add flavorings, such as butterscotch. Spatocco said the biggest sellers are now honey roasted peanut butter, butterscotch and almond butter.

They also use some of their nut butter to make other items, such as dog biscuits, which also include whole wheat and rolled oats. They also make their own 5.5 ounce peanut butter cups. They are going to make peanut butter sushi and sashimi soon – the former being peanut butter and other items rolled on flattened bread, and the latter being a rice crispy treat with peanut butter or Nutella and sliced fruit in top.

“It’s a very labor intensive business,” he said.

His favorite item is a sandwich made with honey roasted peanut butter, bananas and bacon on whole wheat bread.

Cape May Peanut Butter Co., 516 Carpenters Lane, Cape May. (609) .