Cape May The Lobster House The Raw Bar on Fisherman’s Wharf

Cape May The Lobster House The Raw Bar on Fisherman’s Wharf

by Ryan Reclaim on 09/13/12


The Raw Bar on Fisherman’s Wharf

Check out this review of the Lobster House Raw Bar from Anna, she has included some great photographs of Cape May Harbor and the Raw Bar attractions. Don’t forget to visit the Schooner American during your visit.

Moored alongside The Lobster House is the iconic 130 ft. Grand Banks sailing vessel and outdoor cocktail lounge, The Schooner American. A fixture at The Lobster House since 1965, topside on theSchooner is an unparalleled destination for cocktails, luncheon, with lighter fare during the dinner hours, all while enjoying the breathtaking view of passing yachts on Cape May Harbor. Free dockage alongside the Schooner is available to patrons arriving by boat upon a first come basis. A truly unique experience, The Schooner American will become your favorite place to relax in Cape May. for more information on The Cape May Schooner American and the The Lobster House please click here.

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A visit to Cape May wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the world-famous, The Lobster HouseRestaurant. Serving locals and visitors for over 4 generations. Now, we don’t frequent the “inside” restaurant. We actually prefer the “outside” seating on the deck. It’s known to locals as The Raw Baron Fisherman’s Wharf at Cape May Harbor. If you don’t mind getting your fingers dirty while picking the sweet meat from your freshly steamed Blue Crabs covered in Old Bay seasoning, sitting outside on the deck of the wharf watching the fishing boats coming in from a long day with their fresh catches of the day or drinking a cold draft beer out of a plastic pitcher, than The Raw Bar is your kind of hangout. But, get there early to grab a table because it’s a hot spot in Cape May summer months.

Photo source: Anna Sullivan Photography