Cape May Things to Do in the Snow Stuck at Home

” It’s a Snow Day in Cape May ” Things to Do in the Snow in Cape May – Snow Activities for Home

shutterstock_154559549_526fe377c22289ab_7646310bc3d8175c_c5e389f87f3a636aOk we are getting slammed with another snow day here in Cape May, and the kids are home and you’re not going to work. It’s not a good idea to have the kids play video games and sit in front of the TV all day. Here are a few creative ideas and few activities to help spend some family time together. You can only play outside or visit the park for so long in this frigid weather.

Here’s a List of 10 Activities for kids staying home in Cape May during this winter storm.

1. Read a book together
2. Ok it’s time for cleanup and do some chores
3. Bake Cookies at home and make a fun project together
4. Have a Dance Party
5. Watch the Winter Olympics
6. Enjoy some Arts & Crafts together
7. Play a board game together
8. Play in the Snow, head to the park, and have a snowball fight
9. Make a family photo book
10. Start a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here’s our  List of  a few things to do for you, staying home in Cape May during this winter storm.

  1. Plan your summer vacation
  2. Going shopping on line with Amazon or your favorite retailer
  3. Rent a movie on Netflix, soak in your favorite flick
  4. Take a long walk outside and warm up at the Congress Hall Fireplace
  5. Head over to the Ugly Mug and have a draft
  6. Visit the Naval Air Museum in Rio Grande with the kids
  7. Take your partner to a local winery and enjoy the afternoon with a flight of wine tasting
  8. Go to the local book store, fire up your tablet and get into that novel.
  9. Check your boat on land, and hope for an early Spring !
  10. Get out the shovel and clean up !