Cape May Whale Watching Discount for Labor Day

Get a Special 10% Labor Day Discount for all Cape May Whale and Dolphin Events

Cape May Labor Day Whale Watcher DiscountsThe summer is coming to a close here in Cape May NJ for 2013. If you are searching for a Cape May Whale and Dolphin sightseeing discount for your your upcoming Labor Day Weekend, check out the SimpleTix Site below and get 10% off for all trips with the Cape May Whale Watcher discount code CAPEMAYRESORT.

The Cape May Whale Watcher offers three trips per day during Labor Day Weekend, you can book on the 10AM Trip, 1PM Big Whales and Dolphin Trip or enjoy a end of summer cruise aboard the sunset cruise . You can view schedules for Labor Day Weekend and order tickets here to Save 10% with Cape May Simpletix.

The Cape May Whale Watcher Guarantee

GEt Dolphin Watching Tickets here for the Cape May Whale Watcher during labor day weekendThe best part of these special trips during Labor Day in Cape May is Guaranteed Sightings – if Marine Mammals are  not sighted on your trip, you will receive a free pass for another trip. The pass does not expire (EVER! We have carried FREE PASS TICKET HOLDERS this year with FREE PASSES from 1993. When we say it never expires, we mean it!) and can be used on any of our regularly scheduled marine mammal cruises. The guarantee does not entitle the ticket holder to a refund.

*Marine mammals include Dolphins, Whales or Porpoise on any trip!