How to take a Cape May Whale Watching Trip 2016

Here are some tips and tricks to help plan a whale or dolphin watching Trip in Cape May during the summer, spring and fall seasons.

bigtrip150x130Take a Whale Watching Cruise from the nearby marina. Search for whales, dolphins and sea birds from fully equipped vessels staffed by qualified biologists. During the right season, different species may be seen. Cape May is one of the best places in the North Eastern US to view these great Marine Mammals Decide on which time you would like to go whale watching the 10AM trip is great for dolphin watching first thing in the morning. You can also take the longer 1PM trip with more time and spend the afternoon and have lunch.

Select the best time of the time day that fits into your vacation schedule for Whale and Dolphin Watching. Typically Whale and Dolphin boats in the local area depart up to three times a day. You can enjoy an early morning trip at 10AM, the Big Trip at 1PM or take the Sunset Dinner Cruise at 6:30 PM during the summer hours or  5:30 PM during the Fall.



Cape May Top 10 Tips for Whale and Dolphin Watching

    1. Make sure you acquire your tickets on-line with guaranteed reservations, especially during the busy summer holiday periods or vacation weekends. The July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend trips can sell out well ahead of departure times, so plan early and book ahead during your vacation.
    2. Check the internet for specials and coupons to get the best fare on Whale and Dolphin Watching in Cape May NJ. You can save $3 off a ticket with an internet coupon of book on line and save 10% on all of your tickets if ordered on line here at SimpleTix. Whale Watcher Discount coupons typically are not combined, and you should shop for the best offer.
    3. Watch the weather for your event, the Cape May Whale Watcher features a climate controlled boat, which is ideal during the hot summer months, and offers protection during the fall. Don’t forget to bring a windbreaker or sweater during the fall months, as the ocean temperatures will be cooler later during the season.
    4. Bring along the Pooch for the trip, if you are down the shore for vacation with your well behaved Dog, you can your pet along for the trip with a securely leashed collar.
    5. Bring your digital camera and expect some fantastic shots of the local ocean life, including pods of dolphins, local species of birds and whales close to the Cape May shore line.
    6. Handicapped Access, if you plans include a loved one requiring handicapped access,keep in mind to call ahead and check the facility. The Cape May Whale Watcher provides large oversized convenient ramps for boarding and large bathrooms.
    7. Plan to eat on board and have some refreshments, in addition to the free pizza and hot dogs on board you can purchase additional refreshments or snacks to keep the kids satisfied during trip.
    8. Listen up during the trip, listen carefully to the naturalist’s welcome orientation and narration during the trip, not only will you experience dolphins in their natural habitat you will also pick up some fun facts about these intelligent creatures from the Captains comments.
    9. Take in the sights, and enjoy the beach line of Cape May, brightly colored Victorian Homes, and the Cape May Lighthouse and the Sunken Ship during your cruise.

    Dolphins in the Wake of the Cape May Whale Watcher

    Most importantly enjoy the day on the water, there’s nothing better than a pleasant and fun boat ride off shore as you circle the southernmost point of New Jersey and watch the Dolphins ride the wake and play to follow you during your excursion.

Don’t forget to use discount code CAPE MAY RESORT and book on line to save 10%. You can use your smart phone or tablet to board with a digital boarding pass.

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