Cape May Whale & Dolphin Trip

The First Time I Experienced a Dolphin and Whale Sighting in Cape May NJ in A Natural Environment

Cape May LighthouseOne of my school friends went to a family picnic to Cape May NJ, last spring, and for months he couldn’t stop bragging about the Dolphin and Whale watching in Cape May NJ. How the adorable dolphins welcomed the visitors on the boat, the giant whales that peeked out from the sea and the beautiful beach with glittering sea water. The idea of seeing dolphins and whales up close excited me and so on my 15th birthday I asked my parents to take me to Cape May NJ.

My birthday came and went by, and I was disappointed that my parents didn’t take me there. Little did I know that they had planned the trip and were just waiting for summer vacations; and so we set off for this amazing vacation spot!

The first time I visited the beach, I was awestruck! The water was sparkling in the sunlight; you could just sit there all day, enjoy the natural scenery and never get bored. But I was really excited about the Cape May whale watcher show. We had tickets for the next day’s 10 am trip, so I couldn’t help but wait.

Since we had a lot of time to kill, we decided to visit some of the important landmarks of the place. Our first stop was the historic Cape May Lighthouse. I was informed that the lighthouse was built in 1859, it was in excellent condition and a lot of people were visiting in groups as well as in pairs. We climbed 199 steps of the lighthouse to reach the top and the view from there was absolutely breathtaking! I could see the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to the Delaware Bay. The thrill of standing at an extreme height and being able to view everything cannot be described in words; you have to be there to experience it!

Whale spotting in Cape MayAfter that we had a good night’s sleep and when the clock struck 10 in the morning, we were at the ship to witness the adorable dolphins and whales up close. The Cape May Whale watcher had guaranteed us that he would give us another free trip if we didn’t see any mammals in the first one. And so we set off for the trip! Initially we saw nothing, but as we moved ahead we saw diamond pods swimming near the boat. They appeared, disappeared and then re-appeared in the sea water and we fed them from the ship. They were the most adorable creatures I had ever witnessed in my life!

While we were on the trip, we also saw S.S. Atlantus, Cape May’s sunken ship located at the beach. This ship was meant to be a landing point for the connecting ferries in 1926.

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by Ryan Reclaim