Drum Fishing Starts in May with the Cape May Lady

Enjoy the Spring fishing season here in Cape May, come to the Jersey Shore and take a trip fishing for Drum with Captain Jason aboard the Cape May lady

Spring Things to Do in Cape May this Year

The Cape May Lady has started weekend trips for the Spring Season and will Fish Drum in May

4 Hour Fishing Trips aboard the Cape May Lady Save 10% on all Trips

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Captain Jason will be fishing weekend only during Saturday and Sunday. The Cape May Lady will also go fishing for Drum Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting in May at 5PM.  If you want to catch Drum fish and Weakfish, Delaware Bay provides you the best opportunity in the state. In fact, both the world record Weakfish and Drum fish were caught in Delaware Bay. The Weakfish weighed in at just over 19 pounds and the Drum at 113 pounds.

Cape May Delaware Bay Drum Fishing is very exciting if you like to tangle with an inshore fish that can weigh in excess of 70. Best months are generally May and June.  Drum, or more specifically Black Drum, are the largest inshore fish in our state waters and often exceed 70 pounds. They have recently been reported as far north as the Sandy Hook but Delaware Bay is where they appear most consistently and in large numbers.drum cape may lady In fact, the current world record Drum was caught in Cape May weighing in at 113 pounds!! Although a few Drum are caught in the surf each year, most fish are caught by boat and there are many Charter boats in the Cape May area that specialize in the fishery. The action is typically not as fast and furious as some of the other inshore species since most trips 2 or 3 fish is about the best that you can expect… However they are very powerful fish and put up a great fight! Time of Year: Best months are May and June.

Catching Drum Fish aboard the Cape May Lady
Cape May Drum FishingHow To Catch Them: You fish from an anchored boat Fish finder rig with just enough weight to hold bottom Best baits are whole fresh clams or shedder crabs if you can find them 3 foot 50-80 pound leader with an 8/0 – 12/0 hook. Cast your line out and let it settle to the bottom. Reel in slack until you come tight to the sinker. Set pole in holder in free spool with line out alarm on. When if fish picks it up give them a little slack… If you’re fishing a J hook click your reel into gear and set the hook sharply with a upward rod motion. If you are fishing a circle hook simply click the reel in gear and let the fish hook itself. These fish travel in tight schools so if you catch one there are sure to be many more so stay on guard.
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How to get to the South Jersey Marina in Cape May NJ

If you have purchased tickets and would like directions to the Cape May Lady in the South Jersey Marina please follow the Google Map below.

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