Facebook Fans Can Now Order Cape May Whale Watcher Tickets on Facebook

Facebook Fans can now order Cape May WhaleWatcher Tickets on Cape May Resort.com Simpletix Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/CapeMayResort

If your a Facebook Fan and Love Whale and Dolphin Watching in Cape May NJ, Cape May Resort.com has just made it easier for you to order your Cape May Water Sports and Jet Boat Adventure events direclty on the Cape May Resort Facebook Page.

Cape May Resort Facebook Events

It’s simple to view all Cape May Water Sport Events, see event times and pick out the tickets for your vacation weekend on this new Facebook Simple TIx Ap. The best part is you don’t have to leave Facebook to order your East Coast Parasailing Event tickets and the event will appear on your status page.

Cape May Resort Facebook Event Get TIckets

Cape May Resort.com offers direct event ticketing in Cape May NJ from Simpletix. You can check out with Google Checkout, Pay Pal or use American Express Visa or MasterCard. The best part about Cape May Resort’s new Simpletix site is that the site is fully compliant with PCI Payment Card INdustry Standard Standards.

So head to Cape May and Wildwood this summer, bring your Smart Phone and Tablet and order your favorite East Coast Parasailing Water Sports Events direct from your hand held device on your Facebook Page with Cape May Resort Simpletix.

The best part about this new Facebook App offered from Cape May Resort.com and SimpleTix is that you also save 10% on all of your Cape May Water Sports and East Coast Parasailing  automatically  by using promotion code CAPE MAY RESORT. So get out on the ocean this summer and join the East Coast Parasailing for some fantastic events.

Cape May Resort.com offer direct discounted ticketing for the following events on Facebook:

Order tickets on line in Cape May for the Cape May Whale Watcher Events and Water Sports on Facebook