Garden State Light Removal Project Exit 9, 10 and 11

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After decades of controversy, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority is preparing to remove the infamous lights, making the Parkway a true limited-access, free-flowing highway. The environmental impact study has just been approved, and the bidding process is expected to begin in the fall, setting the stage for a two-year construction project starting next year. Three overpasses will be built as part of the $125 million project.

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno Participates in Groundbreaking to Mark the End of Traffic Signals on the Garden State Parkway Long-Awaited Removal Promises a Safer Trip for Residents and Visitors. Read the full press release here.

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Garden State Light Removal has Started

  • The project will replace the traffic signals at three at-grade intersections with full interchanges. Bridges will be built to carry the Parkway over Shell Bay Avenue (Interchange 9), Stone Harbor Boulevard (Interchange 10) and Crest Haven Road (Interchange 11). Ramps will provide continued full access between the Parkway and the local roads at all three interchanges. Drivers on the Garden State Parkway will no longer have to stop to let local traffic pass, and drivers on the local roads will no longer have to wait at a busy intersection to get to the other side of the Parkway
  • The construction work is expected to take about two years. Officials say during that time the Garden State Parkway will maintain full capacity. One of the first phases of the project involve building a diversionary road that will carry traffic while the overpasses are being constructed. The total price tag is $110 million.


Garden State Light Removal Construction for Exit 9 ,10 and 11 has started on the way to Cape May

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Barriers Installation to start,on Diversionary Road for the Garden State Light Removal Project.  Barriers are now in place and trees are starting to be cleared for the first phase of this project.  Take a ride on the GSP on the way to Cape May you can now start to see the progress or clearing of the roadways for the light removals. The construction crews are in place and have started to remove trees on the northbound lanes by exit 11


Parkway construction work costs $1 million in environmental offsets

Posted: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 12:55 am


The New Jersey Turnpike Authority will spend more than $1 million to offset environmental impacts of improvements on the Garden State Parkway in Atlantic and Cape May counties.

Nearly $533,700 will be paid to the state Department of Environmental Protection to compensate for trees that will be cut down as exits 41 and 44 in Galloway Township are reconfigured to full interchanges. Officials have previously said nine acres of trees will be lost.

Another $546,000 will account for wildlife habitats that will be lost as the authority completes a $110 million project removing the only three traffic lights on the parkway, in Middle Township.

The Turnpike Authority’s board approved both measures at a monthly meeting Tuesday in Woodbridge, Middlesex County.

The $50 million project in Galloway Township is expected to start in the spring and will create full interchanges at Jimmie Leeds and Pomona roads. The authority is required to compensate the DEP for the loss of trees. The amount was agreed upon by both parties, according to a resolution.

In Cape May County, work began earlier this year to remove the traffic lights at Shell Bay Avenue, Stone Harbor Boulevard and Crest Haven Road. There, the authority was required to mitigate for more than 44 acres of lost critical wildlife habitat. About 17 acres of mitigation was found within the project limits. The funding approved Tuesday compensates for another 27 acres that could not be restored within the project limits.

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