On Line Ticketing in Cape May County

Are you offering your customers a Mobile Ticketing Solution for your Product & Services today in Cape May County?

On Line Mobile Ticketing is growing at a rapid pace with the use of Mobile Smart Phones and Tablets. Your customers travel to Cape May County and search for and purchase services over their mobile phones every day. Typically a local Cape May County consumer can search, pay for and obtain tickets on line from any location, at any time while using their mobile phones during vacation.

Cape May Resort.com provides a custom mobile ticketing Solutions for your customers supported with a Custom Landing Page, and a robust Social Media program. Using a Mobile ticketing solution will help to reduce your costs with the production and distribution costs from a traditional paper based ticketing program.

Mobile Marketing Facts Impacting your Cape May County business today

·        91% of All Adults Have Their Phone within Arm’s Reach 24/7
·        95% of Smart Phone Users looked up Local Information
·        By 2013 Mobile Phones will overtake PC’s as the most common web access device
·        Over 53% of consumers have used a QR code to get a discount or deal on their Smartphone

Capture the main stream consumer today, by offering a simple mobile ticketing solution and provide a new sales funnel on line to search events, and purchase your tickets.

Now that 80% of the world’s population own a mobile phone and four out of five consumers shop using their smart phone, jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon sooner rather than later is a strategy webmasters cannot ignore. Mobile marketing is not just trundling along – it’s going at breakneck speeds and is only going to get faster!

Contact Ryan to discuss your Cape May Resort.com Mobile Ticketing Solution Today for Your Local Cape May Business. We offer a custom landing page within our Cape May Ticketing Site and inclusion in our Cape May Resort Social Media Program as a Cape May County Chamber of Commerce Member