Humpback Whales in Cape May

Exciting Video of Cape May Whale Watching

Watch as a Humpback Whale Plays in the Water off the New Jersey Beaches.

This video was shot aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher sailing out of the Miss Chris Marina in Cape May NJ during August 2012. Dolphin sighting in Cape May are a every day normal occurrence,  but we were delighted to catch this Cape May Hump Back Whale off shore aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher.

Humpback siting in NJ during Whale Watching Trips

During migration Humpback whales will stay near the surface of the water. The Humpback whales primarily feed on tiny crustaceans known as krill as well as small fish. They may consume up to 3,000 pounds of food each day.  To learn more about Humpback Whales in NJ and other parts of the world please visit Wildlife Field Guide here. Please click on the Humpback Whale range diagram to the left to view the extended range of these whales within the New Jersey Waters

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See Humpback Whales in Action in Cape May NJ aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher