Sherlock Holmes Weekend in Cape May NJ

Sherlock Holmes Weekend in Cape May
March 18-20 and Nov. 4-6, 2016

160_SHERLOCK_3The game’s afoot in Victorian Cape May… Choose your weekend for a suspense-filled encounter with that inimitable detective Sherlock Holmes in the National Historic Landmark City of Cape May, New Jersey. Limited to 100 tickets each weekend. Solve the mystery of
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Melpomene’s Mask
For many years now, Dr. Watson has been telling his tales to the audience in the auditorium of the Horatio Theatre. Now the audience will have the chance to solve a case with this classic theater as the setting. You think this may be too simple for you? Well. remember in theater, as well as with Sherlock Holmes, nothing is ever as it seems. The play is the thing…. to catch a killer.

The Game’s Afoot Friday Evening: 8:30pm
Coffee and Dessert Reception The Rose Room at the Inn of Cape May
Join the great detective and his faithful assistant Dr. John Watson for the evening. It is here that the crime unfolds, and as Holmes says, “the game’s afoot.” A cash bar will be available. Registration begins at 7pm; seating begins at 8pm.
Search for Clues Tour
Saturday Afternoon: 1pm – 3pm
A self-guided tour of Bed and Breakfast Inns
How better to find the solution to this mystery than by visiting a selection of Cape May s Victorian treasures in a search for clues? Discover the clues and complete the answer sheet as you enjoy your self-guided tour. The Search for Clues Tour is part of the full event package or may be purchased separately for $15 per person. Anyone completing an answer sheet is eligible to win and you need not be present.
Tickets for the Search for Clue Tour may be purchased at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth at Ocean Street or at the Physick Estate, 1048 Washington St. For hours of operation, go to THIS WEEK IN CAPE MAY.
The Game Continues
The Rose Room at the Inn of Cape May
Saturday Afternoon: 3:30-4:30pm
Why is Holmes drawn to this case? What are the larger ramifications of the case? Compare your findings to those of the famous detective. How are you faring in your search? Have you matched wits with Mr. Holmes or are you on track to become this year’s clueless wonder?
Holmes Unlocks The Mystery!
The Rose Room at the Inn of Cape May
Sunday Afternoon: 12:30pm
Be seated at 12noon and enjoy a hearty lunch before Holmes and Watson reveal the solution. Is there a villian among us still? How well did you fare in your search? Once the mystery is solved, the winners will be announced and prizes awarded.