Skipping Christmas for Others – Hurricane Sandy Brick Township

A Program to Assist those of Need From Hurricane Sandy- Brick Township Residents

Brick Township was devastated​ by Hurricane Sandy. Many families are still in need for the Holidays not only  did many residents  pet’s become lost, we are all still trying to clean up with minimal financial resources around the Holidays.

One Small Gift Can Help a Resident in Need
Please click here to view the Wish List

This Christmas you can ” Skip Christmas” for others and help the residents of Brick Township. Please consider purchasing an item or two for those in need of household and personal belongings. This Program will help the residents of Brick Township NJ, and the shipments will go to the Brick Township Police department for disbursement.

This simple program allows you to use your Amazon account make a small gift purchase for “Those in Need” and the shipment goes towards selected Brick Township Residents. Please make a small donation and help those in Brick Township with this Skipping Christmas program. You can click below and view the list of needed household items requested.

Please click on this link to review the Wish List for those in Need.

Official Brick Township Website

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