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Cape May, NJ – April 22, 2013 – In 2012, the power and fury of water during Hurricane Sandy
made everyone aware of the impact of rising sea levels. Cape May is surrounded by water, and
water’s tourism and fishing industries furnish much of its livelihood. Political, economic,
environmental and health concerns about water fill the news. “Water Matters” is a timely topic!
Cape May Forum brings National Geographic Live! to town for entertaining and visually
spectacular presentations by three dynamic explorers, writers, and photographers – speakers who
have inspired and enlightened audiences worldwide. Join the adventure!
The Spring Forum convenes at Cape May’s Convention Hall on Saturday, May 18 from 9 am to 1
pm. Tickets are $50, available at the Convention Hall box office, and online at both Convention
Hall and
The blueness of our planet comes from the water that covers nearly 70 percent of Earth’s surface.
Yet, the fresh water we need to survive is less than one percent of the water found on the Earth.
Dennis Dimick, National Geographic’s Executive Editor for the Environment takes you on a
highly visual journey across our “blue” planet to give you surprising insights: why water matters,
where to find it, how we use it, who has it and who doesn’t. In “Water: Our Thirsty World”
Dimick will tell us why water stewardship and conservation are central to our relationship with
water. After all, the water we have on earth now is all we will ever have. Nature isn’t making any
Dr. John Francis, National Geographic explorer, tells how he stopped using motor vehicles after
witnessing an oil spill in San Francisco Bay, and about his radical 17-year vow of silence. He walked
from San Francisco to Cape May, where he now resides, accompanied by his ever-present banjo and
a gentle but determined demeanor. Francis communicates a surprisingly pragmatic story of
pilgrimage, environment and social change in “Walking As If Water Matters.”
Don Belt traveled to 65 countries over the past three decades for National Geographic, as senior
writer, covering international politics, the environment and much more. Are water wars, so rare in
human history, an inevitable thing of the future? Sharing insights and anecdotes from recent field
assignments, Belt will cover “Water Wars: A Geographic Perspective,” explaining how people in
three hotly contested watersheds navigate between water conflict and water cooperation.

Make A Weekend Of It!

Cape May Forum and its cultural and educational partners make a full weekend of it. To “whet your
appetite,” here is a look at the events for May 17-19. Cape May Forum – page 2 April 22, 2013
The weekend kicks off at Convention Hall on Friday evening, May 17 from 6 to 8 pm with a
Meet the Speakers reception, catered by the incomparable Washington Inn, and followed by a
special City-sponsored Concert featuring the Fred Hall Orchestra and dancing.
Saturday, May 18, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Cape May Forum presents the Spring Forum, its
fourth-annual forum of themed lectures and discussion. Then on Saturday at 1 pm, participants will
board one of Cape May’s signature Trolleys, armed with a gourmet “Shoebie” box lunch, and
head for a tour of Cape May’s Desalination Plant, followed by an on-site “Water Tasting”
Sunday morning at 10:30 am, at the Cape May Elementary School on Lafayette Street, with the
help of the Cape May Film Society, “Brunch & a Movie” will include a continental breakfast and
the family feature film “Rango.” “Rango” is a charming family film about a family crossing the
desert by car with their pet chameleon. Rango lands in an old Western town called Dirt – a town
with a desperate need for Water, a Sheriff, and a Hero. Rango takes on the case of their missing
Congress Hall, the Queen Victoria B&B and the Montreal Inn are preparing special accommodation

ABOUT CAPE MAY FORUM Cape May Forum, a non-profit organization in the nation’s first seaside resort, partners with local,
regional and national cultural and educational groups to bring its participants a unique opportunity
for exploration and discussion of timely social, moral and political issues, while they enjoy a oceanfront city rich with history, culture and some of the country’s best beaches.
The 2010 Cape May Forum opened by asking: “Humor – Can It Save the World?” Then in 2011 we
posed the question: “Guess What’s Coming for Dinner? – The Politics of Food in the 21st Century”
and explored everything from the gourmet food movement in the developed world, to the politics
of food scarcity in the developing world. In 2012 we looked to the “Future of Energy.” The 2013
topic is “Water Matters,” inspiring events throughout the spring season in Cape May, culminating in
the Spring Forum event on May 18.
For information about programs and to purchase tickets, visit Cape May Forum at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter