Spring in Cape May 2014

Enjoy the Start of Spring in Cape May NJ

Cape May Spring Walk on the BeachThe end of snowfall, freedom from warm clothes and clear outdoors all signify one thing: the arrival of green and refreshing spring; the time when you are free to explore the outdoors without worrying about the cold, when the grass is greener than ever and everything is filled with hope. Don’t you think it’s the best time to revisit the ever-so exquisite Cape May and experience its beauty to the fullest? With its beautiful surroundings, this place will be the perfect location to revive your relationship. A Cape May romantic weekend with your partner in spring will rejuvenate you and your relationship!

Accommodations in Cape May

First things first, you will need to make arrangements for your accommodations and we recommend a bed and breakfast near the beach. This way you can go to the beach anytime you want, take long romantic walks with your partner/hubby, smell the fresh spring flowers at the beach and take comfort in the beauty of nature and the best company.

Cape May Spring Things To Do – Explore Your Options!

Cape May Discounted Whale Watching Tickets for the Spring In addition to blooming flowers and clear weather, visiting Cape May in spring has its own benefits, the highlight of which is the chance to witness the much awaited Easter parade. Usually the parade starts at 1 pm preceded by the Easter egg hunt that starts early in the morning. In Cape May Easter Parade you will find several people dressed in colorful attire, celebrating the arrival of Easter Sunday. You can participate in the parade too but for that you will have to go through a registration process. And hey, there’s an award ceremony at the end so you may end up winning a vacation prize!

Cape May Spring Events Whale WatchingIf you are looking for more activities then you are in luck as Cape May Whale Watching in the spring is one of the most popular activities of the season. Cape May prides itself in hosting the largest and fastest fleets for this activity and spring is the best time to look out for these adorable whales, porpoises and dolphins. You can find several deals for Cape May Whale Watching online; choose the one that best fits your timings and requirements and experience this unique trip. If during the first trip you do not observe any sightings of these sea mammals then you will be granted a free pass for another trip. Isn’t that exciting!

The perfect way to end the day is by devouring a scrumptious meal at one of the finest Cape May restaurants; after all, you deserve it at the end of a tiring day! Some people like to dine at open air restaurants so that they can appreciate nature along with food; however, the indoor restaurants are just as exquisite.  Have the food of your choice at the location of your choice!

Cape May NJ has the best combination of nature and leisure that can make your vacation memorable. So, are you ready to have the most romantic and fun filled spring of your life?