SUP Cape May NJ How to Get Started with Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP): How to Get Started in Cape May NJ with SUP Cape May


SUP Cape May Paddle Board at Spicers Creek NJ

Take a SUP Paddle Board Lesson in Cape May and Stay in Shape. The fast-growing sport of stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun, easy way to go play on the water in Cape May NJ. With a minimum of equipment, you can paddle anything from ocean surf to the back bay waterways of Cape May on Spicer Creek, you don’t have to worry about waves on this protected area of water.

Paddleboarding offers a great full body workout and is becoming a favorite cross-training activity for skiers, snowboarders and other athletes. And since you’re standing at your full height, you’ll enjoy excellent views of everything from sea creatures to what’s on the horizon. It’s almost like walking on water! Take a SUP Cape May Paddle Board Lesson today and enjoy the back bays.

Paddleboarding Gear

You need just a few key pieces of equipment to enjoy this sport: But don’t worry come to SUP Cape May NJ and they have all of the equipment for your Paddle Board Lesson. Bring some sun screen , sunglasses and wear your favorite bathing suit. You should always wear a PFD during your Paddle Board lesson as PFD (Personal Flotation Device): The U.S. Coast Guard classifies stand up paddleboards as vessels.

  • Stand up paddleboard: This is by far your most significant gear investment. Sizes are based on the paddler’s weight and experience. More experienced and lighter paddlers can choose narrower boards. Novice paddlers should choose wider, flatter boards, which offer more stability.
  • Paddle: Stand up paddles have an angle or “elbow” in the shaft for maximum efficiency. Choose a paddle that’s roughly 6” to 8” taller than you are (though some manufacturers recommend an 8” to 10” differential).
  • Proper clothing: For cold conditions where hypothermia is a concern, wear a wetsuit or dry suit. In milder conditions, wear shorts and a T-shirt or bathing suit—something that moves with you and can get wet. Sun protection: Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

Ok It’s time to Find SUP Cape May During Your Vacation, where do you Go to get your lessons ?

Look for the Red Truck in Front of the Cape May Marina at Spicers Creek or call 609 827 1086. The SUP Cape May Team is located across from the pool area on the docks at Cape May Marina. You can also click here for SUP Cape May paddle board information and pricing.

SUPCAPEMAY 609-827-1086 At Spicers Creek 1263 Lafayette Street, Cape May, NJ Click Here for the Google Map to SUP CapeMay NJ

















Come to Cape May for Professionals Instruction from Cape May SUP

The newest Water Sport is coming to Cape May this summer. (SUP) or Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the newest sport that goes back to the original Hawaiian heritage, this fun and easy sport allows new surfers to stand up on a board and balance and paddle long distances at ease. You can also glide on your SUP board with the help of a tail wind on the flat back back waterways of Spicers Creek in Cape May NJ. You can have your first  SUP surfing experience with an experienced paddlers Beth and Robin from SUP Stand Up Paddle Board in Cape May NJ, which will make a big difference.  The whole point of SUP surfing is to get away from overcrowded waters, which can be enjoyed in Cape May on the quiet flat back waterway of Spicers Creek. You can spend you day enjoy the natural habitat, see herons and wildlife as you paddle the back creeks with your family or friends.

How Did SUP Surfing on a Paddle Board Start ?

Cape May SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

Get One on One Instruction

Going back to it’s  Hawaiian roots the Surfers from Waikiki  started doing it in the 60s. It’s all part of being a true waterman. They just took out a big tandem board and a canoe paddle and cruised around taking pics of tourists and having fun on the water. They also found the higher vantage point a better way to keep an eye on the pupils in their surf schools.  That’s what it’s all about, having fun on the water.


Certified and Skilled Tour Guides Safely lead your Cape May Stand Up Paddle Board Adventure

Cape May SUP Paddle Boards

Located at Cape May Marina only minutes from the center of town

SUP in Cape May creates unique and memorable experiences during your vacation. SUP Cape May offers a fresh perspective of the natural waterways that separate Cape May Island from the rest of New Jersey by by the way of Stand Up Paddle-board. Certified and skilled tour guides safely lead a fund and enriching adventure immersing guests into the loco ecosystem, unobtrusively capturing the wonders of nature in their purest form

Plan a  Scenic of Cape May Harbor Tours are varied based on individual skill and experience level.

Cape May Paddle Board Lessons

Explore the Natural Habitat

Our guides will be sure to offer various degrees of challenge based on our riders comfort level. Open 7 days a week, the last tour leaves dock at 6pm to bring everyone safely back to the dock before the sun sets. Reservations include a $25 deposit which can be applied to future tours of summer 2013 if cancellation.




Cape May SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Tour Details

  • 1 Hour Tour  Life Jackets Provided  Tours Available For Groups Up To 6 Paddlers
  • 15 Minute Pre-Tour Instruction Reservations Recommended **Reservations Available**
  • From 7:00am – 6:00pm Daily* *(Weather Permitting)
  • $25.00 Deposit At Time Of Reservation Visa/Mastercard & Cash Accepted
  • **Cancellation policy 24 hours** **Deposit can be applied to a future tour this summer**
  • Please link here to make a reservation or call us at 609 927 1086
  • Location At Spicers Creek 1263 Lafayette Street, Cape May, NJ 08204

About US… SUP Cape May NJ

Beth is a world traveled surfer and accomplished waterman. She enjoys surfing, touring & surfing her Stand Up Paddleboard, snowboarding, and skateboarding. Beth has a classic surfing style that embodies the essence of the East Coast Surfer, having the strength to paddle out in the heaviest Northeaster Swells in a 5/4/3mm wetsuit, to riding a longboard on summer swell in a bikini. Beth was born and raised in Cape May, having lived in Vermont while taking extended surf trips to various countries.beth1-224x300

She has now accomplished her lifelong goal of sharing her passion & knowledge of the ocean running SUP Cape May. Beth has taught children and adults to surf for the past six years, utilizing her well-rounded knowledge to create a unique and thorough training, being a certified teacher in New Jersey, she has a unique and exciting approach to teaching the challenging aspects of watersports. Beth has also shared her passion with charitable groups for people with physical challenges such as Life Rolls On, and Best Day.