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Cape May Fall Monarch Butterfly Migration

Cape May Fall Monarch Butterfly Migration

Every year during the fall, the Monarch Butterfly can be found in Cape May. The Monarch Butterflies gather at Cape May Point before continuing their 2000 mile migration south to Mexico. The Cape May Monarchs are on a long journey to the Trans Volcanic Mountains in Michoacan to the west of Mexico City.

Butterfly Cape May Fall Monarch Butterfly MigrationCape May Point, and the Southern End of Cape May serves as a resting point for the butterflies, they stop over and feed on the local flowers before making the long trip to Mexico and the journey across the Delaware Bay.  The Cape May Point serves as a natural migration pattern for Monarchs, Birds and Hawks as they rest at Cape Map Point before making the trip across the Delaware Bay and head past the Delmarva Peninsula on their southern trips.


Cape May Point, NJ is the place to be during fall to see the Monarch Migration

Cape May Fall Monarch Butterfly MigrationAs you visit Cape May during late August and September and you will find teams from the Monarch Monitoring Project observing and tagging Monarchs as part of an ongoing project that studies the natural migration pattern of the Monarchs. It’s not uncommon to see a host of Monarchs roosting in local trees before they prepare for flight, during the early morning as the sun rises and warms their wings they begin to awaken and prepare for the trip across the Delaware Bay. It’s a breathtaking sight to see in Cape May Point, as the Monarchs prepare in mass and take wing as the air is filled with beautiful Monarchs in flight.

You can learn more about Cape May Monarchs from the Monarch Monitoring Project. The Monarch Monitoring Project (MMP), established in 1990, is a research and education program focusing on the fall migration of monarch butterflies along the Atlantic coast. For over two decades the MMP has gathered data on monarchs moving through Cape May during September and October. MMP staff and volunteers also conduct informational programs on monarch biology and tagging. This website provides details of MMP activities.

Looking for Things to Do in Cape May During the Fall Season

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Three Fun Things to Do After Labor Day in Cape May

Three Fun Family Things to Do This September in Cape May NJ after Labor Day

It’s almost labor day in Cape May, and we will soon be into the fall migration of the Monarch. Every fall Season the Cape May Monarch butterflies come to Cape May Point before they start their long 2000 plus mile migration to Mexico. Here’s a great article we read on three family fun things to do this fall once the summer comes to end.


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