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Cape May Whale Watching & Fishing Memorial Day 2017

Find Discounted tickets for the Cape May Whale Watcher or the The Cape May Lady here

Bring your mobile device to Cape May NJ this year for memorial and find discounted tickets for these must do Memorial  Day Events. The Cape May Whale Watcher is sailing the entire weekend with convenient times. You can also join Captain Jason from the famous Cape May Lady half day fishing trip.

Shop for ticket times here in Cape May NJ

How Do you get your discount on these Memorial Day Events

Go the Cape May Resort online ticketing site and simply use the checkout code “Cape May Resort” to receive a 10% discount off your Cape May Event Tickets

Cape May Your Smart Phone Is Your Boarding Pass

Cape May Your Smart Phone is Your Boarding Pass

Get Tickets for the Cape May Whale Watcher Big Trip 1:00 PM Cape May ” Big Trip Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise” Outdoor Day 3 Hour Excursion Event aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher

Buy Tickets On-Line and Save 10% use Discount Code: CAPE MAY RESORT

A Voyage to the Oceans Wildlife Aboard New Jersey’s largest and fastest Marine Mammal Watching Boat. Check out our video below, review schedules for the Cape May Whale Watcher and book tickets to Save 10% with your Smart Phone here.

Plan Your Cape May Fireworks Viewing for July 3rd and July 4th 2013

Join the Cape May Whale Watcher during July 3rd or July 4th to Enjoy This Years Fireworks in Cape May NJ.

Our most favorite thing to do as a family in Cape May is to enjoy a cool summer evening of fireworks to celebrate the Summer Holidays. Over the last few years we have fought the traffic to get a space on the beach in front of Congress Hall while walking from a great distance from parking.


We suggest you take your bike to the fire-works display or walk in from town to avoid the rush of parking that normally happens at this time of the year in Cape May. This year we plan to visit the Stewart Family aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher to take a relaxing boat trip and get a water side view of the fireworks from the deck of the large, stable safe Whale Watching Boat.

Join the Stewart Family and the Crews of the Cape May Whale Watcher and Spirit of Cape May as we celebrate our great nation’s Independence Day. All of the fireworks will in front of Congress hall on July 4th and the July rd fireworks will be in the Delaware Bar near North Cape May NJ.

00ef5a55-3d0d-46df-9a84-166dd6b11cfbSo avoid the traffic and take a Cape May Whale Watching trip which includes FREE Pizza and Hot Dogs, a little dolphin watching, hopefully a sunset, and of course the FIREWORKS DISPLAY.

Please plan your trip ealry as the boats do get very full for the Holidays, You can order Tickets for each event by clicking here with Cape May Resort Simple Tix. Don’t forget to Save 10% on your tickets by ordering on line ahead of schedule for the July 3rd and July 4th Events.

You can click on the Simple Tix Link below or here to review schedules for the Cape May Whale Watcher and order your advance tickets here to Save 10% on all July 3rd and July 4th Cape May Whale Watcher Tickers.


Get Fireworks Tickets Here for July 3rd and July 4th

Cape May Whale Watcher – See a Humpback Whale off shore of Cape May, NJ

Check out this You Tube Video of a Humpback Whale off the shore of Cape May NJ.We recently Shot this on a trip to Cape May on board the Cape May Whale Watcher, the Big Red Boat, out of Miss Chris Marina. It was an amazing experience. The boat was great the crew and captain were knowledgable. Wonderful time!

If you are thinking of coming to Cape May this summer for a weekend trip, stop by the Miss Chris Marina and take a trip aboard the Cape May Whale Watcher. You can save 10% and order your Dolphin or Whale Watching trip in advance by visiting Cape May Resort Simple Tix.