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Father’s Day …A Time to Remember at the Jersey Shore

Father’s Day …A Time to Remember at the Jersey Shore

Blogging from My Boat in Cape May – Father’s Day

Father’s day comes but once a year to celebrate your love and support of your Father and recognize your relationship and support.  Many families will celebrate at the Jersey Shore with cookouts, fishing trips with their Dads and enjoy a well prepared family breakfast with Dad.

Many family members have lost their father early on in life, never having the complete cycle of life with their father from childhood in  their own adult years. Although I lost my Dad suddenly at an earlier age, I am fortunate to have a relationship with my oldest brother, who supported me guided me throughout my life as both a brother and father.  I am also fortunate to have spent the time with my Dad during my earlier years under his love and guidance.

This year for Father Day while walking our pup, we were fortunate to meet our neighbor Jim with his newborn two year son, clad in a diaper only happily kicking and pulling with a tug of war of his feet with his Dad. This new cycle of fatherhood has started for Jim and he will be the lighthouse  for his son as he grows into the world.


When I think of a father, it reminds me of an image of a Lighthouse at the Shore. As a sailor you always can see the lighthouse from the distance providing navigation and warning in the same way your father does to keep you out of the potential perils of life.  Lighthouse’s are unmovable permanent fixtures, and stand strong against Northeaster’s, fog and Hurricanes yet remain stable and secure providing a beacon of hope for any lost souls at sea.


Much like Dad’s that are always there for you in the most difficult times in your life,  they provide guidance and security and you always know the spot to come to gain a trun bearing in life. During summer months the Lighthouse stays in the background at all times, a steady sentinel always ready for support, but always  in the background overlooking fair weather and the good times of life while on the lookout for inclement weather.


If you have ever lost course offshore on the ocean, or in life and your panicked to find direction of the horizon and home, you scan the sea looking for landmarks to gain your bearings. From a far distance over the rolling gray waves you can spot the tip of the light, and suddenly you panic calms to reassurance you are pointed towards land and headed on a true course home.  


Fathers offer this same steadfast direction as a beacon in your life. They set examples and lessons as a child and these life long beacons stay with you to help navigate the course of a lifetime.