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Cape May Father’s Day

Your Dad’s Presence by your side for Fathers Day

It’s that time of year again in Cape May, Father’s Day. The start of the official Summer Season is in place down the NJ Shore and memories of many past Father’s Day come to mind. As a child my Father would take our family to the beach or we would go on great adventure fishing at the local pier or on board a boat as a family.


The magic of being on board a great vessel in the ocean with the security of your family and brothers as a young child on board bring back strong memories of a safe and special place. Your father has a way to communicate without a verbal clue, with a simple hand gesture of look of reassurance that you know you are safe and and things are calm and secure.

Your Father brings you to new places and introduces you with a guiding hand of acceptance as you get your sea legs in a new place, and instills confidence into a curious and scared nine year old.

That Father’s Day as we rock on the sound aboard our sanctuary and gulls sweep in and out of the wake of the boat during it’s slow troll hunting for blue fish, our Father stands as a sentinel in his seat and orchestrates our first trip fishing trip.

Slowly the Blue Fish, boil at the top of the sea and chase bait fish at a frantic pace during a feeding frenzy. The first time I have felt the strong tug of a wild bluefish on my line, is by the side of my father as he coached me into landing the fish.

As the fish hits the deck, with the strong thud and patter of it’ s tail and last gasp of life, I feel that I have crossed into the next step of my early soon to be teenage years with the acceptance of my Father. These memories of my Father and brothers stay with me and I can recall the day as if it were last weekend.

With the coming of Father’s Day in Cape May and the new summer season in full swing plan a relaxing Father’s Day with your family. . Some of our best father’s day memories include a quiet day at the beach,fishing, building sand castles, digging in the sand for shell souvenirs and frolicking in the summer surf as the gentle waves ebb and flow on the beach side.

Take a Father’s day weekend in Cape May and enjoy a special day with you Dad. Those memories will stay with you for the rest of your life as your Fathers Presence is always with you.

Take Dad Fishing this Father’s Day in Cape May Aboard the Cape May Lady

You can enjoy a four hour fishing trip with Dad aboard the Cape May Lady for Fathers Day.

Four Hour Father's Day Fishing in Cape May NJ

Come to Cape May NJ during Fathers Day and take a trip with a aboard the famous fishing Charter Boat” Cape May Lady”. Cape May Fishing Charter. Make your reservations on-line today! Cape May Lady is the LARGEST half-day fishing charter in Cape May and is setting sail three times daily. Whether your local, on vacation or looking to plan a private charter, we have space aboard our vessel to accommodate everyone in your party and groups of up to 80 passengers.

Cape May Lady Fishing 4 Hour Trips are Fishing Charters are renowned for some of the most exciting fishing in Cape May including Striped Bass, Drum, Fluke, Flounder Weakfish and Monster Blues.

The Cape May Lady Offers Four Convenient Sailing Times Per Day

Check schedules and discounts here for Cape May Father’s Day Fishing trips aboard the Cape May Lady.

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Cape May Resort.com partners with the “ Cape May Lady” offering an On-line Mobile Ticketing Site Promoting 4 Hour Fishing Trips within the Cape May County Area

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About the Cape May Lady -The Cape May Lady is the largest half-day fishing charter in Cape May and is setting sail three times daily from the South Jersey Marina in Cape May,1231 New Jersey 109 Cape May, NJ 08204 Reservations: Telephone:+1 609 780 7900