The History of Parasailing Today

So you’ve come to Cape May and you thinking about taking a Parasail Ride to fly high above the Atlantic and check out the Cape May Beaches and Victoria Homes and Hotels along the Cape May Beach Front Areas. Here’s a brief history of how Parasailing got  it’s start with Pierre Lemoigne.

The History of Parasailing Today

Parasailing started with Pierre Lemoigne who is credited for inventing the sport of Parasailing. Pierre  Lemoigne was a parachute teacher who also made his Para Commander Parachutes in the early 60’s.  He discovered that the best way to train his students was by utilizing a parachute and attached this to his car and pulls the pilot and Parachute into the air, ascending the parachute into the air. At that time this event was called parascending and those that participated were called paracenders.


This method of worked well for his students and proved to be much safer that airplanes. His Classes gained popularity and he eventually stabled the Aeronautical Training Center to introduce his new ascending gliding parachute establishing a training tool for up and coming parachutist.

The Parasail Safety Council

More than 3 – 5 million people each year enjoy the sport of parasailing many of them for the first time. The Parasail Safety Council (PSC) is a not-for-profit organization representing the parasailing public; dedicated to effectively raising the safety standards of commercial parasailing with a focus on education, certification and regulation.  Over 48 million visitors have been educated by the Parasail Safety Council’s website since 1998.Please visit the Parasail Safety Council Website to review the full history of Parasailing

Cape May Parasail History

Parasailing has become very popular at many East Coast and Vacation resort beaches. Parasailing can be a fun and family activity for all to enjoy. Please always be cautious and use judgment to avoid Parasailing in strong winds and always Parasail with a local reputable company that is certified. All certified Parasailing instructors will provide training before taking you out on the water