Things To Do With Kids In Cape May

Things To Do With Kids In Cape May

Things To Do With Kids In Cape May

beachCape May is a great place for kids! There’s always something going on to delight young people, and the town is very child-friendly! When the sun’s shining, there’s nothing better for a young family than to head to the beach, play in the sea, and build sandcastles! Kids also adore the lighthouse, and find plenty to amuse themselves in the town and its surrounds. If you’re thinking of bringing the kids with you on your Cape May vacation, here are a few family-friendly suggestions to keep the little ones amused.

Head To The Beach

This is perhaps the most obvious suggestion! Arguably Cape May’s major feature is its coastline, featuring some of the most fantastic beaches in the entire USA. Cape May’s beaches are widely acknowledged to provide the archetypal ‘beach experience’ that everyone dreams of when they’re considering a beach vacation. What’s more, they’re very safe, with lifeguards on duty during the summer months and plenty of safety precautions available. If you want to relax, paddle, play in the sand, and return home at the end of the day with your kids happy and exhausted, you could do a lot worse than head to the beaches of Cape May! If your kids are interested in collecting shiny pebbles known as ‘Cape May Diamonds’, head to Sunset Beach on the western side of town. However, you can’t really go wrong with any of the others, either! If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you could take a stroll along the coast, or hop aboard some bicycles and set out on the Cape May Shoreline Ride. Just be sure to take all the right precautions beforehand, and to follow New Jersey’s bicycling bylaws!

Visit The Lighthouse

r23-cape_may_lighthouse1What child is not intrigued and excited by the concept of a lighthouse? It brings to mind thrilling images of storm-lashed ships, the lonesome lighthouse keeper, the beam of warning light sweeping through the rain. It’s an exciting and romantic concept! The Cape May lighthouse resembles pretty closely every child’s image of what a lighthouse should be. The current structure dates from 1823, and is still working as a beacon for seafarers! The lighthouse is situated within Cape May Point State Park, which is in itself very much worth a visit. It’s a beautiful area, full of nature trails and so forth to delight the kids. There is a visitor center and a museum at the foot of the lighthouse and, during opening hours, people have the opportunity to climb right to the top and look out over Cape May and the ocean. Not to be missed!

Go To The Zoo

IMG_5599It’s rare to meet a child who isn’t fascinated by rare animals, and the Cape May County Zoo offers them the chance to meet more than 550 animals! You can enjoy the sight of flamingos, giraffes, bears, lions, tigers, monkeys, and much, much more! While the zoo does ask for donations, there is no set entrance fee, meaning that you can make this experience fit in with a budget. Similarly, while there is an excellent zoo cafe at which to purchase food, you are also very welcome to bring a picnic and eat in the free picnic area.

Visit The Nature Center

Nature Center in Cape MayThe Cape May Nature Center is a lovely little place which goes out of its way to ensure that kids have a great time. You can head in to spend time learning about nature on spec, or you can book your kids onto one of the fun and educational programs which the center offers on a more or less daily basis. The programs are well run, and generally involve a lot of guided, hands-on exploration in the natural world of Cape May and its beaches. With authorities increasingly warning us about the dangers of childhood disconnection from nature, this is a great way to get your children in touch with the natural world, and maybe develop a lasting and healthy passion for all things nature! Don’t worry – though this may sound more ‘health and education’ than ‘fun’, the staff at the center are very good indeed at ensuring that the children they work with really enjoy their day, and come back raring with enthusiasm for what they’ve seen and done!  Check local events in Cape May with the family here for the summer season.

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