What Does July 4th mean to you..My Childhood Memories of July 4th or Independence Day

Blogging aboard Our Boat in Cape May New Jersey

wwdsc_0290A Blog written on the hook, aboard our cruiser in Cape May NJ. The pristine beaches, scenic back bays and inter-coastal waterways of Cape May provide an ideal and tranquil place to blog as the gentle water ripples on the side of your hull.

What Does July 4th mean to you, My Childhood Memories of July 4th or Independence Day

As we come upon July 4th in Cape May NJ, we will sit on the dock or visit the beach to watch the fire Works during the warm summer evening to celebrate our great countries birthday and Independence. As I watch the fireworks in the sky and experience the familiar smell of the black powder, it brings me back to my younger days of my childhood memories for this special holiday.

Every family has a tradition to mark the start of the summer, and it was our tradition to overload the 9 passenger family station wagon and head out to the end of Long Island with my three brothers and the family dog in tow to visit our grandmother’s home.

This ride was one of my most favorite magical times, we did not have cell phones or built in DVD players, I would lie on my back in the station wagon and we would play games together with my brothers. As the heavy station wagon rumbled down the road in the evening I would hold my head against the window glass and wonder how the moon was following us all the way to Grandma’s house.

bugs2The anticipation of getting to Grandma’s house during this holiday weekend was high, we would always have a big cook out with music and my cousins would join as we all explored the woods around the house and hunted for lighting bugs with a jar secured with a metal top with carefully placed air holes for our captives. I can remember having my Dad play music on a portable reel to reel player, loudly into the summer night as we all danced and laughed together.

The finale of the night before the evening fireworks started was to sit in front of the outdoor open fire place and tell scary stories. Each brother and cousin would take turns to load the fireplace with a piece of wood to build up the flames. Our goal was to get the fire place flames to reach the top of the flume and we would shout “devil ears” and watch the red embers reach up high into the sky.

As I watch the fireworks here in Cape May this year, and look up into the dark summer sky I can still see those bright red embers that we created so many summers ago as a happy family in a much simpler time.

So take the time this year to start a tradition with you family for the July 4th holiday week, put down your cell phone, turn off your tablet, hold your partners hand lovingly, look up into the sky enjoy those bright red embers above.

Happy July 4th to you and your family…..Scott D.

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