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Cape May Beach Guide and Fees

Here’s a quick look at the Cape May Beach Fees and and Lifeguard Hours for the summer season in Cape May NJ. You can also check out the rating from the Travel Channel for Cape May Beaches.

Beach Badges / Fees for Cape May NJ

Beach tags will be available for purchase, in person, at the City Hall Tax Office, located at 643 Washington Street, from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday, excluding Holidays.

The in-person per tag costs for a Seasonal Tag are as follow:

A maximum of five (5) seasonal tags, per season, per individual, can be purchased.

Up to five (5) Seasonal Tags, per season, per individual, can also be ordered by mail. The mail order per tag cost for a Seasonal Tag is as follows.  

**If two (2) names are listed on your check you are allowed up to ten (10) seasonal tags.**

(Number of Tags x $28.00) + $3.00 S/H fee per order
Example: (3 Tags x $28.00) = $84.00 + $3.00 S/H = $87.00 Total

To order, send check, made payable to “City of Cape May”, and mail to the following address.   

Beach Tags – Tax Office
643 Washington Street
Cape May, NJ 08204

Weekly, 3 day and daily beach tags can only be purchased on the beach.

The City offers free Veteran and Active Military seasonal beach tags with proper identification.  Must be picked up in peson.

Cape May Beach Badges

The Travel Channel  Cape May, New Jersey

Reviews of Cape May Beaches

Original Content by Finn-Olaf Jones
New Jersey
Some believe that good things come to those who wait, and finding a decent beach in New Jersey may be the best test to that theory. Far down the Jersey Shore, beyond syringe-on-the-beach jokes, beyond thong-thronged boardwalks, beyond the point where anyone says “Joizey” is the Grande Old Dame of the Eastern Shore, Cape May.

Cape May is the aristocrat of beaches with the prices and lineage to prove it. When nearby Philadelphia was the capital of the Colonial states, several of the Founding Fathers came to Cape May to let down their wigs. Later the fashionable members of New York society flocked to the area, but the flash point (literally speaking) for Cape May didn’t come until 1878, when a fire devastated most of the town.

Out of the ashes arose an ornate Victorian fantasy world of elegant seaside hotels and gingerbread mansions that became the sandbox for gilded society. Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, held her debutante party in Cape May, and so many presidents have vacationed here that several hotels still vie for the title of “The Summer White House.”

If earlier straw-hatted glitteratti were to return to Cape May today, they would instantly recognize many of their old haunts, thanks to the town’s status as a National Historic Landmark and its preservation-mad citizens. The locals are passionate about their role as cultural custodians, and it shows. The sand is always raked and the area’s signature Victorian trim, which adorns the town like cobwebs, is always fresh with paint. But Cape May is not a place full of crusty Miss Havishams. It is peppered with the same warm, easy-going personalities typical to beach Meccas around the world – it’s just that the tune they march to is more Gilbert & Sullivan than Jimmy Buffet.


Child-Friendliness rating: 3 of 5

Cape May’s wholesome atmosphere and pristine beaches are ideal for kids, though precious few hotels will take them. Most of Cape May’s B&Bs are intimate, antique-strewn affairs better suited for making children than bringing them.
Swimming rating: 4 of 5

This is the Atlantic at its cleanest – though it gets a bit chilly.
Sand rating: 5 of 5

Given that the beaches are regularly cleaned, raked and pampered, this is some of the best sand money can buy – and with the hefty $4/day beach pass, you will be buying it.
Atmosphere rating: 5 of 5

A 19th-century ambiance pervades the entire resort, right down to an overwhelming propensity for politeness. Is Cape May really only 200 miles from New York?
Non-Beach Activities rating: 5 of 5

Cape May is probably one of the few seaside resorts where lust, passion and voyeurism occur primarily off of the beach – in the context of its myriad gourmet restaurants, antique stores and house tours.


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