Cape May Church Synagogue Directory

Saint Peter’s-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, known locally as The Gingerbread Church is an historic church at the junction of Ocean Avenue and Lake Drive in Cape May Point, New Jersey. Originally built for Philadelphia’s 1876 Centennial Exhibition, it was moved to Cape May Point in 1879. The church has been moved four times since, first to get a cooler location closer to the shore, then, as the shoreline retreated, to safer locations away from the shore. It is now near the original site, and much closer to the shore.It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1995
Saint Peter's Church Cape May

Allen A.M.E., 717 Franklin St., Cape May (609) 884-4044

Assembly of God, 1068 Seashore Rd., Cape May (609) 884-2424

Cape May Lutheran, 508 Pittsburgh Ave., Cape May (609) 884-2181

Cape Island Baptist, Columbia and Gurney Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3917

Church of the Advent, Franklin and Washington Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3065

Franklin St. Methodist Church, Franklin and Washington Sts., Cape May (609) 884-7239

Macedonia Baptist Church, Lafayette and Franklin Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3270

Our Lady Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, 525 Washington St., Cape May (609) 884-5311

1st Presbyterian Church, Decatur and Hughes Sts., Cape May (609) 884-3949

1st United Methodist Church, 635 Washington St., Cape May (609) 884-3792

St. Peters By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, 102 Lake Drive, Cape May Point, Sundays :9amM and 11am 609 898 4318


Cape May Churches

  • Cape Island Baptist,  Columbia & Gurney – 609-884-3917
  • Cape May Lutheran Church, 509 Pittsburgh Ave. – 609-884-218
  • Church of the Advent Episcopal, Franklin & Washington – 609-884-3065 
  • First Presbyterian Church of Cape May, 500 Hughes Street – 609-884-3949
  • First United Methodist Church, 635 Washington – 609-884-3792
  • Franklin St. Methodist Church, Lafayette/ Franklin – 609-884-7239
  • Our Lady Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church, Washington Street Mall – 609-884-5311