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Spend a day on a Kayak Tour in Cape May enjoying the serene back bays.

Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percentKayaking on the backwaters of Cape May, a memorable Water Sport Excursion for you and your Family

One of our most enjoyable outdoor water sport excursions in Cape May, is to rent a Kayak and spend the day paddling the back bays in a quiet and serene setting. You can easily rent a Cape May Kayak or Paddle board and see our natural marine from an upfront on the water perspective. You and your family will be able to view nesting Ospreys, Egrets and migratory shore birds and local marine life as you paddle the calm tidewaters of the Cape May.

Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percentEnjoy the Natural Habitat while Kayaking in Cape May

The Cape May back bays creeks and marshes offer a natural sanctuary for you to enjoy during your Kayak Trip. Cape May located in a natural migration path for shore birds is a world class area for bird spotting and general study. Ornithological studies can be traced to the pioneering work of Alexander Wilson and George Ord in 1808. In fact, Wilson’s Plover was first described from the South Cape May meadows and the Cape May Warbler was named from a specimen taken by Wilson in Cape May County. During your Kayaking trip in Cape May you are sure to spot a majestic Osprey or Egret.

Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percentWhy Not Take a Cape May Kayak Tour with an Experienced Guide

You can make reservations to take a tour form the Miss Chris Marina at 10:00AM. This instructor lead tour will take you on a 1-1/2 to 2 hour tour of the Cape May back bays with an experienced kayak guide. You will be able to view natural marine life during this trip in a calm and safe water environment away from boat traffic. Cape Island Creek offers a sanctuary for birding and is protected from large open harbor. As you progress in your trip you will also have the opportunity to explore historic Cape May Harbor with your guide. Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percentOur professional guides will make sure you are comfortable with your Kayak and provide a beverage for your Kayak trip. During your Guided Kayak trip you will see Egrets, Ospreys, and Diamondback Terrapins and hear the fish jumping in the water as you quietly paddle the back waterways. Our experiences naturalist will provide a narrated tour of the Cape May coastal Salt Marsh Eco System as you paddle and explore you way up the creek
Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percent Miss Chris Kayak Rental Offer Top Quality Comfortable Kayaks based on your Rental needs.

Miss Chris Kayak Rentals provides the most comfortable Kayaks from a single Kayak for the more experienced Kayaker, to a double Kayak to accommodate all sizes. A double Kayak will also provide a middle seat for your small child to enjoy this exciting outdoor excursion. Miss Chris Kayak Rentals also has 10 different styles available for rent all including a comfortable hi back seat to make your trip more enjoyable.
Small Comfortable Back Bay Boats are also available for Rental

Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percentRent a Back Bay Cape May Boat to go crabbing and fishing for the day

If you are in the mood to go crabbing or exploring with a powered small flat bottom skiff, Miss Chris Kayak Rentals also rents 14 or 16 Feet Carolina Flat Bottom Skiffs which will get you out in the back bays of Cape May to enjoy the day fishing, crabbing and taking in the nature. You will also be able to rent all of the necessary supplies for your day including crab traps, bait, fishing poles and beverages for your day on the water. The Carolina skiff is an ideal Back Bay boat designed to go into the shallowest water without fear of grounding, and serves as a steady fishing platform.

Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percentQuestions and Answers on Kayak, Paddleboard and Small Boat Rental from the Miss Chris Marina

Q. Can we Rent for a few hours or a day? – You and your family can rent for the full day, by the hour or by the half day. All Cape May Kayak Rentals come complete with all of the equipment required for safe day on the backwaters of Cape May.

Q. Do you have parking for our Car? – Miss Chris offers FREE parking located across from the Marina in a designated parking spot. You do not have to worry Click for Miss Chris Kayak Rental Brochureabout fighting the Cape May traffic to find a spot as you enjoy your day on the Water.

Q. Do you offer Discounts for Kayak Rental – Yes, please use our coupon on this page for $5 discount off your Kayak Rental or get a FREE 2nd Hour Kayak Rental. You can also choose to get a 10% discounts for booking your Kayak Rental On-Line with Cape May Special Offers or discounts cannot be combined.

[three_fifth]Q. Where Can I get a Box Lunch or Snack for my Trip – Miss Chris Marina provides a full assortment of refreshments or beverages for your trip. You are also within walking distance of several inexpensive restaurants including Tony’s or you can walk over to Lucky Bones before or after your trip.


Q. What Should I bring on my Kayak Trip Excursion? – Generally bring a good pair of sunglass with a float attachment, sunscreen, hat a waterproof case for your digital camera. Miss Chris Marina offers a full assortment of custom T-shirts, hats and accessories if you are on vacation and forget to bring it along.

Here’s a briefif list of accessories below:

• Good Quality Sunglasses with a Floating Device
• Hat
• Sunscreen
• Non Cotton T-Shirt
• Nylon Windbreaker for cooler days
• Fleece Pullover for cooler days
• Water Boars or Sandals
• Bathing Suits
• Towels
• Water and Snacks
• Waterproof Case for your mobile phone and digital camera


Cape May Resort Simple Tix Reserve You Cape May Water Sports Events on Line and Save 10 percent
Miss Chris Marina
3rd Avenue & Wilson Drive
Cape May, NJ 08204
(609) 884-3351
Open Year Round
Please Click Here for a Map
& Directions PDF


How Much Can I expect to pay for a Cape May Kayak Rental, Boat Rental Tour or Boat Rental? – Please keep in mind to use a coupon offer and save $5 or make your reservation on line and Save 10% with a pre-paid reservation.

• Single Kayak – $20 for the First Hour, 5 for each additional hour, $55 for a full day
• Double Kayak -$30 for the first hour, $10 for each additional hour, $75 for a full Day
• Kayak Guided Tour – 2 Hour Tour $35 for and single and $60 for a double with a free snack and instructions
• Small Boat Rentals with Outboard – please call in advance for pricing and availability

Getting the Basics Down with a Kayak Rental in Cape May

The most difficult thing for the new beginner is getting in and out of a Kayak. Here are a few tips to help you before you rent your kayak in Cape May. The most import thing is keep your weight as low as possible and stay centered. As you start from the dock in Cape May you will want to follow a few simple rules:
• Untie the kayak and keep the line in your hand
• In shallow water you can lift your paddle vertically – set one end into the bottom of the water snug against the kayak side steady it. If you’re in deeper water lay your paddle within reach and you’ll use the dock edge to steady you.
• Sit on the dock edge dangling your legs over and balance the cockpit edge with your feet to line up your entry position – drop the tie line into the cockpit.
• Using the dock edge to steady you, swing one foot then quickly the other into the center of the cockpit – quickly crouch down – then sit.
• Take your paddle in your hand, rest it across the cockpit and adjust the tie line so it won’t drag when you paddle. Upon return, exiting is basically the same in reverse

Brush Up on Your Kayak basic skills with these Your Tube Videos

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