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Looking for Something to Do in Cape May? Take a Boat Ride on the Tiny Cruise Cape May Ferry Line

We’ve been boating in the Cape May area for over 20 years, and we are pleased to report the launch of a new Harbor Ferry service with point to point shuttle in a small Harbor Cruise boat. You can jump on the small shuttle and check out the local restaurants and bars, not have to worry about parking and call once you need a return pick up. You can also take a tour of the local Cape May harbor scenery.

The Tiny Cruise Cape May Line launches from South Jersey Marina, and the cruises are offered with 24 Hour Advanced Reservations at Cape May Resort Simpletix for $25 per passenger. You can enjoy a relaxing cruise through the harbor to see the NJ fishing fleet, wildlife, the US Coast Guard Bases and more. You can also hop on for a ride for restaurant to restaurant for $5.00 per passenger.

The Fantail Launch boat seats 14 passengers comfortably. This is a special boat that replicates riverboats from the early 1900’s. New to Cape May, this Tiny Cruise Line takes visitors all around the harbor, to and from restaurants, around the smooth waters and any other shallow spots you’d like to see that those other big tour boats just can’t go! Don’t worry about sea sickness, we stay in the calm waters and never venture into the open ocean waters. This is a boat ride fun for all!

Captain Doug Ortlip and his team will entertain you and your friends as they guide you through the waters full of wildlife and fun! This particular boat is one of only two made in the United States, the other is in Boston. Captain Doug has decided to bring “Fancy” to Cape May to honor his father’s vision of sharing his love of fishing, story-telling, and making new friends.
Please don’t forget that Water Shuttle Service is available….Just Hop On & Hop Off! The Tiny Cruise Cape May Ferry can stop and pick you and your crew up at the following locations (or the available dock nearby ) South Jersey Marina

•The Lobster House
•Harbor View Restaurant & Deck Bar
•Two Mile Inn
•Osprey Landing
•Harbor Cove
•Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May

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Just call 609-602-1118 You can make reservations for a Cape May Tiny Cruise on Line for $25 and save 10% with Cape May

Captain Doug,Call 609-602-1118 for more details or pick up during scheduled hours.


Cape May Harbor Tours with Tiny Cruise Line

Enjoy Cape May’s Harbor, Wildlife, Birds, Fish & More as we cruise around the waterways. We can dock at the waterfront restaurants and will gladly make arrangements for you!

Cape May is famous for our sunsets! Enjoy a cruise with a view! We can navigate into waters that those big tour boats just can’t go! Join us for a new adventure- every cruise is unique!

We can accommodate up to 12 people, so if you have a large group please reserve space!

Introducing“Fancy” Cape May’s first point-to-point shuttle and harbor cruise boat.

Enjoy all that Cape May’s Harbor offers, from its waterfront restaurants to its incredible sunsets

Water Shuttle

Just Hop On & Hop Off in Cape May NJ with the Tiny Cruise Line We can stop and pick you and your crew up at the following locations (or the available dock nearby) See a MAP of our cruise below.




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