Cape May Water Sports

Cape May Water Sports Excursions, the Ultimate Top 5 Outdoor Excursions available during Vacation.

Are you looking for an exciting day excursion in Cape May, the Wildwoods, Stone Harbor, Avalon or Sea Isle City NJ. Cape May Resort offers the best handpicked Water Sports and Outdoor Excursions daily packages.

If you are planning a Visit to Cape May, we’ve put together the most popular local events in Cape May to enjoy during your Vacation. Daily adventure excursions from Cape May Whale Watching, to outdoor exhilarating outdoor water sports or a quiet kayak ride on the serene backwaters, we have the event package that your family wants to get the most enjoyment of your vacation time. If you are looking for that special event or outdoor excursions in Cape May, check out our event offerings today.

Cape May Water Sports Book Your Tickets on Line and Save 10%Cape May Resort Specialty Events Tours and Excursions

Whether you are visiting Cape May for the first time or have lived here all your life, there are plenty of exciting or relaxing things to do in Cape May. Cape May prides itself on having the best Water sports and Outdoor attractions. Working with the expertise of the local Captains, we have put together the five most action oriented Water Sports excursions in Cape May. Expect to get wet, get lifted up to 500 feet in the air, experience 180 degree turns or view dolphin schools or whales off shore. This is the only way to create your own personal unforgettable vacation memories in Cape May.

1)Cape May Whale Watcher Dolphin and Whale Sightseeing Trips
2)Exhilarating Cape May Jet Boat Rides up to 35 MPH.
3)Flying high with East Coast ParaSail Events over 500 feet in the Atlantic
4)Jet Ski Rental, Ride your own powerful three passenger Jet Ski
5)Nature Backwater Kayak Tours

The New Way to enjoy Cape May with your family with Coast Guard approved safety, Instructor Led Outdoor Excursions and Events.

Are you ready for a new type of outdoor excursion or event in Cape May NJ. You can now pre-plan your vacation weekend at the shore and purchase your Cape May Resort tickets on line guaranteeing you space on your selected event. We can accommodate couples, larger groups or special private events. All of the Cape May Resort excursion packages are located in Cape May which minimizes your travel and wait time. All excursion packages are run by licensed U.S. Coast Guard approved local Captains with safety being the first priority for you day on the water.

Cape May Water Sports Book Your Tickets on Line and Save 10%Enjoy the Pristine Back Bays of Cape May and the Open Atlantic Ocean

Cape May offers some of the best flat natural intercoastals waterways, which serve as a sanctuary for the local wildlife, fishing and birding. You can enjoy a quiet day on the water aboard your own kayak as you paddle into the protected back bays of Cape May. We also offer Cape May Resort Packages for families with children and couples.

Venture out on a one kind Whale Watching and Dolphin sighting trip. Your Captain will take you on an environmentally controlled boat off shore to ride along side of schools of dolphins, or experience a pod of Whales. You will have an ocean side view of the Cape May lighthouse, the 116 year old St Mary’s Retreat, the World War II Bunker and the famous SS Atlantus sunken concrete ship.

Enjoy a breath taking view at 500 feet above the Atlantic Ocean in Cape May with East Coast ParaSailing

Spending a day with the East Coast Parasail Group is an exhilarating way to see Cape May. You can Fly at 500 feet above the Atlantic Ocean and with their brand new USCF-certified winch boats. You trip will include an instructor lead pre-flight, and then you will be flow by ParaSail with a gentle take off and landing, all without ever getting wet. You can always request a dip during your flight and fly single, tandem, or triple passenger. The entire flying experience is a safe and fun experience that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Get Your Speed on with East Coast Jet Ski rental in Cape May

Experience the thrill of riding you own three passenger high performance brand new Yamaha VX110 Jet Ski! On open water. Before you start your rental adventure you will be give a full safety briefing on the state and local personal watercraft regulations by USCK licensed captain. After your instruction and training you will be personally escorted out to East Coast’s large, safe riding area, and your boundaries will be identified for your safety. East Coast has a patrol or escort on standby in our riding area the whole time of your rental.

Cape May Water Sports Book Your Tickets on Line and Save 10%High Speed Jet Boat comes to Cape May for the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure including 180 degree turns, 360s and bow dunks…you will get wet.

Experience the thrill of 35 MPH on the water in Cape May with the new East Coast Parasail Jet Boat.
If you are seeking the ultimate water sports excursion in Cape May, East Coast Parasail is adding the most unique water sports attraction to the area, the new East Coast Parasail High Speed Jet Boat. This new all aluminum custom made jet boat will launch this summer in Cape May. This jet boat is engineered with the highest quality components with a 23 person capacity and one driver. This highly sophisticated design allows for the ultimate in speed and agility with speeds up to 35 MPH. This fully U.S. Coast Guard approved boat will be ready for thrilling excursions this summer in Cape May NJ. Bring your family and friends and prepare to get wet as this highly maneuverable boat banks and spins on the water. This is not your ordinary boat ride. She is capable of high speeds, 180s, 360s, bow dunks, and guaranteed to get everyone soaked. This is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. Think of it as a 25 passenger jet ski or on the water roller coaster ride.