Sunset Beach Cape May NJ Gift Shops and Flag Ceremony

Gift Shops Three Gift Shops for your Shopping Pleasure in Cape May Point at Sunset Beach – Open Year Round!

Since 1973 Sunset Beach has been owned and operated by the same family, who have worked hard to make this a destination spot for all who visit Cape May. Many people over the years have helped to make the Sunset Beach experience an unforgettable one. All visitors passing through our doors can expect the family members and trusted employees to treat them with personalized service and a smile. All of us here at Sunset Beach take pride in making everyone feel right at home when visiting this lovely area

Please Watch this touching Video on the Cape May Flag Ceremony at Sunset Beach in Cape May. This is a must do if you are visiting Cape May NJ for vacation.


Flag Ceremony The Evening Flag Ceremony is a 40 year Tradition at Sunset Beach

When visiting Cape May and Sunset Beach, be sure to leave at least one night open to join us for our evening flag ceremony held daily in season (May through September). We are immensely proud of this tradition which has been a staple of our area for over 40 years. All of the flags that we fly at our mast are veterans’ casket flags that families bring with them from their loved one’s funeral. We are honored to fly them here at Sunset Beach. There is nothing as thought provoking than to watch the sun set over the Delaware Bay while taps plays and Old Glory is lowered for the evening. If you have not experienced this emotionally moving tradition, we invite you to be a participant in this celebration of being an American.

If you would like to request a date to be reserved for a certain vetern, please check out the availability of our ceremony dates by clicking the button below.

Cape May Diamonds….What really is a Cape May Diamond?

Cape May Diamonds at Sunset Beach Cape May

Cape May Diamonds

The Kechemeche Indians were the first to find the fascinating and beautiful stones now known as “Cape May Diamonds.” The Indians came to believe that these curious stones possessed supernatural power bringing success and good fortune.

“Cape May Diamonds” are pure quartz crystals and are found in a variety of sizes and colors. The actual source of these amazing gems is in the faraway upper reaches of the Delaware River. Pieces of quartz crystal are eroded and broken off from veins and pockets by the swift running waters of streams. Then begins the some 200 mile journey that takes thousands of years to complete. The strong tidal flow against the hulk of the sunken concrete ship ” Atlantus ” is the cause for them to wash ashore here in such great abundance.

Cape May Diamonds Sunset BEach cape may nj

Cape May Diamonds

When polished and faceted, these gems have the actual appearance of real diamonds. Before the advent of modern gem scanning equipment, many a pawn broker was fooled by a “Cape May Diamond.”

We have a large selection of “Cape May Diamond” rings available in our gift shop. Come visit and find your very own “Cape May Diamond” for the gem of your vacation!

Destination of Sunset Beach Gift Shops, Sunset Beach, New Jersey was Voted Top 25 Beaches in the Nation by Trip Advisor 2013

Trip Advisor Rated Sunset Beach New Jersey Top 25 beaches of 2013 in New Jersey. Destination of Sunset Beach Gift Shops, Cape May Diamonds, Sunken concrete ship USS Atlantus, and the evening flag ceremony, Sunset Beach receives thousands of visitors each year. View the Press Release here

attlantus Capture

How the Ship looked at First

gI_59337_concrete ship

The Remains today of the SS Atlantus

Mini Golf Across From The Bay

Sunset Beach Mini Golf Cape May Point

Mini Golf at Sunset Beach

Mini golf is fun no matter where you play, so what sets Sunset Beach Mini Golf apart from the rest? “The View!” The sparkling Delaware Bay is visible from all 18 holes. The first nine holes are wheelchair accessible so that everyone can play




Marvin Hume– A Local Hero

Marvin Hume Cape May Point sunset beach

Sunset Beach Marvin Hume

Marvin Hume was born February 3rd, 1921 in Collingswood New Jersey. He joined the Navy November 5th, 1942. He was an Aviation Machinist`s Mate on five different aircraft carriers teaching Navy personnel how to repair airplane parts. The last carrier he served on was the USS Megara until his discharge in 1945. After being discharged, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri where he had met his wife and started a family. His dream had always been to open a retail store on the Atlantic City boardwalk, so in 1957 he moved back east and shortly after opened his first store. He operated his business, “The Boardwalk Rock and Shell Shop” for over 20 years. In 1973, he purchased the property at Sunset Beach and soon after left Atlantic City to make Sunset Beach his permanent location.

Feel free to find Marvin on your visit, and say hi!